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Change "Y" to a symbol

User moon_874 2013-01-19 17:24:26

Hi all,

I would like to change in the table from type "Yes/No" the symbol "Y" to an image (or at least to another text). How can I do this?

Thanks for your help!

Moonsoft support 2013-01-21 09:33:00

the inner value 'Y', for the checkbox is located at the language file, so you could modify it there. You could try to insert some html as the value, most probably it will work as well. But you must note if you change the value of the fields, you will have to save again all 'checked' values, because if you change the inner value, it won't match anymore with the value fields have already stored.
You should modify it changing the label from

LM_YES_VALUE="Y" the value required, like

LM_YES_VALUE="Yes, selected!"

..or whatever you want to show. These are the language files.

If you are storing records from the backend


If you are storing from the frontend


Hope this helps, regards

User moon_874 2013-01-21 23:11:43

Thanks a lot for your reply! This helps me quite a bit!

Is it somehow possible to provide a css class based on the value? e.g. class="Y" or something similar?

Moonsoft support 2013-01-22 09:48:35

not sure if get the point of the style class name. As long as you can use html code as the value of the "Y", you can set something like

(the forum is configured to strip out html code, so is used instead of lt and gt)


So you can create myclass style to configure your text, or use any inline style as well.
Hope this solves your question.


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