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User moon_844 2012-12-24 16:39:31

Ho do I create a list and place it in alphabetical order?

Moonsoft support 2012-12-24 16:54:56

in order to show your list with a default ordered column, you can use the parameter 'Order' at

List Manager Main Options

at component or module configuration.

Write the name of the column you want the order to be applied, and select 'Ascending' or 'Descending' at the next parameter 'Sort order', to configure the default view.

Hope this helps, regards

Moonsoft support 2013-03-04 20:14:12

I have a list of Names that sorts Alphabetical Order, but then I insert links on some of the items. The sort changes with linked items coming first. Is the HTML of the link in the field confusing the sort algorithm?

Moonsoft support 2013-03-05 09:50:51

yes, if you are replacing the text content by html, you are introducing new text at the beggining of the value (please note the links start with an 'a' character), so they will be placed at the first position when sorting.
If you had same html content for all cells, then the sorting would recover their default order. If you don't plan to include links for every row, we can suggest a trick to get the sort function behave as if it was sorting text:

(Please replace for the proper less than / greater than html symbols, we paste it this way to avoid being stripped)

Your first cell textYour html for cell 1

Your second cell textYour html for cell 2

Hope this helps, regards

Moonsoft support 2013-03-05 23:26:40

very clever! Thank you very much.

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