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Editor destroyed link

User moon_822 2012-12-13 09:58:58


I've created a link in the backend
<a href="Datenblatt/Maschine.pdf" target="_blank">Download</a>

I open the link in the frontend in HTML mode, it looks like this:
<a href="" target="">Download</a>

I then save the record, the link will be destroyed
<a target="">Download</a>

I hope they can help me!!

Thank you

Moonsoft support 2012-12-13 11:46:05

we don't modify the information provided by the editor, so if some code dissapears when saving through the editor, it is usually related to some editor configuration. Some of them include parameters to do code 'cleaning', or filter content, that may cause loosing information.

Please double-check your editor configuration, let us know which are you using in case we can provide more information about its options, and confirm if the information is really lost, checking the data also through the backend to discard any front-end plugin undesired effect.

Thanks, regards

User moon_822 2012-12-13 17:47:47


I have the JCE editor and joomla version changed to 2.7.
then I have a link in the backend

* An amount (Link Manager of JCE):
/ Joomla27/datenblatt/maschine.pdf

* And in the LM (Link Manager of JCE)
/ Joomla27/datenblatt/maschine.pdf

I open the article in the frontend and
* Edit the link (Link Manager of JCE)
/ Joomla27/datenblatt/maschine.pdf < OK

I open the frontend and the LM
* Edit the link (Link Manager of JCE)
"/ Joomla27/datenblatt/maschine.pdf" Error (double "")

is in store this links it
or according to HTML
<p /> <a pdf="" maschine="" datenblatt="" serwema25="" /> download

Edited by moon_822 - 13.12.2012 17:48

Moonsoft support 2012-12-14 10:49:42

ok, then the issue could be related with the edition of the data, more than with saving step. Please try this, we have it working here with JCE latest version and joomla 2.5:


JOOMLA/modules/mod_listmanager/assets/js/listmanager.js (line 694)

Replace this section

/*var data_replaced=replaceAll(values.getData(,'"','"');

with this line



JOOMLA/modules/mod_listmanager/tmpl/content.php (line 168)

Replace this line:

//function setContentEditor ?php echo $seed; ? > (editor,value){

with this one

function setContentEditor(editor,value){

and keep your editor options using relative urls. Check again the result and let us know if you have more issues.

Thank you, regards

Edited by MSTeam - 14.12.2012 10:50

User moon_822 2012-12-14 11:12:16


thanks for your quick help. it works.

The support is outstanding!

Thank you!!!!


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