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User anonymous 2011-10-18 21:46:53

Purchased your module last Friday, however when trying the examples I
this error, can you explain !
"Call to undefined method JDocumentRaw::getHeadData() in

/libraries/joomla/cache/cache.php on line 502"

Moonsoft support 2011-10-18 21:47:14


that file is a core library of joomla, so we've searched information
about it and we've found it has a bug related to caching and it fails when
using components with raw format, like calcbuilder. Maybe it's your case,
please try to disable caching at joomla configuration to confirm it is
really what is happening to you.

You can find information here:

If you can't get it work, please come back to us and send us which is your
joomla version, so we can look for another workaround for you.

Best regards

User anonymous 2011-10-18 21:47:32


We are using Joomla 1.7.
We also have install many module from different companie s and this is
first time we have experienced any problems with the installation of a
module ! I would be gratefully if you could get back to be with a

Many Thanks

Moonsoft support 2011-10-18 21:47:57

we have tested 1.7 and checked other components forums. It seems the
version has some problems managing cache. Some people resolved it
system-pluging cache , debug system off, setting cache off and clearing
cache from site->maintenance.
With this configuration we don't get any errors, you can check if this
solves your issue and please tell us if it finally works.
Best regards

User anonymous 2011-10-18 21:48:16

I have checked all the settings mentioned and they are off, However your
module still is not working. I find this ridicules as your advertising
states the module is compatible with joomla version 1.7, I didn’t take
to mean just parts of it or certain configurations. Look all I want is
calculate a few numbers with a module that works !
Can you fix your modu le so it works with this version of Joomla 1.7 or
not ! need an answer asap

Moonsoft support 2011-10-18 21:48:34

Our extension is joomla 1.7 compatible, as is installed and working in
increasing number of sites. But if you report an issue with your
installation, of course we try to help.
No luck reproducing your error here with a fresh installation, but we
are commited to solve your problem, although you must understand it is
difficult to do it if we don't get same warning as you. If you send us
an access to your site so we can make some test we are sure we could help you in a more efficient way.

User anonymous 2011-10-18 21:48:47


Ok I just sent you our site access

Moonsoft support 2011-10-18 21:49:00

we have checked your site,and set to disable Plugin system-cache. After
this change we have activated two modules of calcbuilder with the two
examples you have loaded, and tested together inside an article (not linked
to anywhere else on your site)

We now see the two calculators working without any errors or warnings.
Could you please check the url and test if you also see the modules working

Thank you,

User anonymous 2011-10-18 21:49:17


Brilliant all is working now, thank you very much.... out of interest
did you create the extra positions within the template and if I need to
switch plugin cache back on where do I find it ?

Moonsoft support 2011-10-18 21:50:52

for the test we have created positions at the time of creating the
module. Instead of selecting one of the possibilities joomla offers you to
choose from, you can write at the module position something else
'myposition' . For loading the module inside an article, you should write :

{loadposition myposition}

Please check the example article we created which loads the two new

And you can find the plugin we have disabled going to plugins->filter for
'system' and you will see System-Cache plugin.
We hope in future releases of joomla they solve the bug, to avoid modules crashing and allowing people to enable this feature, we did a simple google query and found thousands of sites in error as yours was.

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