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User anonymous 2011-10-18 20:45:39

Hello Moonsoft Team,

yesterday I bought Calc Builder from you and started using it. It looks very powerful, but I did run into one problem with it. Our generated table is rather wide and in the generated pdf file it is not formatted correctly. I attached the calculator I created and the generated pdf to this letter so that you can see it youself. Can this problem be fixed somehow? I guess working with formatting in pdf is rather difficult. For us quite acceptable solution to this problem would be to make this functionality of generating pdf, xls and sending emails optional. That is to introduce to the back-end a switcher for turning this functionality on and off. I guess it is not too difficult to implement. Then we would just switched this functionality off. Can it be done somehow?

Thank you for your assistance,

Moonsoft support 2011-10-18 20:46:45


If you want to hide this functionality, you can do some changes in calcbuilder\modules\mod_calcbuilder\tmpl\default.php:
- For joomla 1.5. Comment this lines:
new Fx.Style($(' < ? php echo $seed; ? >cb_tools'),'opacity', {duration: 2000}).start('0','1');
new Fx.Style($(' < ? php echo $seed; ? >cb_tools_excel'),'opacity', {duration: 2000}).start('0','1');
new Fx.Style($(' < ? php echo $seed; ? >cb_tools_email'),'opacity', {duration: 2000}).start('0','1');

- For joomla 1.6 y 1.7. Comment this lines:
$(' < ? php echo $seed; ? >cb_tools').fade('in');
$(' < ? php echo $seed; ? >cb_tools_excel').fade('in');
$(' < ? php echo $seed; ? >cb_tools_email').fade('in');

Remember this is javascript, so you should write // at the beggining of each line.

Hope this helps. Regards,

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