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User moon_515 2012-05-25 18:44:27

Hi, i bought your calculator component yesterday and i am trying to make it work BUT it seems even with a small calculation like your demo 2 numbers sum, the calculator button does not do anything.

My web site is on a localhost at the moment and i am using the rockettheme PANACEA. (rt_panacea_j15)
though i tried other tempaltes as well and again the calculation button DOES NOT work even with the default joomla template.

I have read the forum and i have seen all the similar topic's but what you recommend to them it seems is not good for my site.

I am including the header of my site so that you can see what i load. (also i have tried to include jquery using the jQuery Includer ( as it is not clear but i also tried to include that just in case it solved the problem .

I really hope you can help.

Edited by moon_515 - 25.05.2012 18:46

User moon_515 2012-05-25 18:45:14

it seems i can not include the header :(

Edited by moon_515 - 25.05.2012 18:47

Moonsoft support 2012-05-25 19:23:47


If you still have problems, write your url or open a ticket in Helpdesk (Customer access) and we´ll try to help you.


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