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Unable to create manual multiple options in Form Fields v4.5

User NickiRMT 2024-03-23 10:39:36

I can set up a new Calc or edit one of my old ones, I am in Joomla 4.4.3 and Calc 4.5
My old Calcs all work on the front end, but I just want to add more Options to my Option lists in the backend. I find that with new or old Calcs, the Add CVS file or Add Manually buttons don't work.
With my old Calcs, many of which will have three or four options to chose, none of these are displayed anywhere in the backend - they do show and work and on the front end. Its perplexing.
Great if there is a solution somewhere. Thankyou

Moonsoft support 2024-03-23 14:37:09

your options are indeed created by any of the configuration options, it's quite strange you can't see them there. Maybe you have a custom js creating the options dynamically? In that case you should find the custom code at the js configuration tab. As you already created a helpdesk ticket, you can export and zip the calculator , attach it to the ticket, and we'll check the actual configuration and let you know how to gain access to your options again.

Best regards

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