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Language and reset button

User anonymous 2011-10-18 20:33:58

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I recently purchased your very nice program Calcbuilder and I am just about to write an application. I would like to change the "Calculate" – Button and the Alert window ( Some values are incorrect) in German. Where can I change these parameters? Is it possible to integrate a second button "Reset” to reset input fields.

Many thanks for help!

Moonsoft support 2011-10-18 20:34:49

thank you for the feedback. To get german language, we use standard language files, so you should get this file:


and copy it to your german folder, renaming it to


edit the file to translate all texts required, and at the time your site shows in german, will get the texts from this file.

About reset button, you can include it together with calculate button, but it only can be done editing code, as it's not available by default, get this file:


and locate calculate button, toward the end of the file:

< input type="button" id="< ? php echo $seed; ? >calculate" name="calculate".............................

before or after this line you can include reset button, insert this line:

< input type="button" value="Reset" class="cb_button" onclick="$(' < ? php echo $seed; ? >calc_adminForm').reset();" / >

(change value reset for other text if you need it)

that should do the work.


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