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Local Host problem

User mieprint 2019-01-01 02:25:17

Im working on a new site utilizing wampserver. I have tried to install calculators which are currently working well on a live site. I have tested the local host version with your sample inline result calculator and it doesn't work either. I cant get a result on any calculator. The new site is latest joomla/gantry 5 framework. My live site is the same.

Edited by mieprint - 01.01.2019 02:25

Moonsoft support 2019-01-02 11:11:34

the extension is tested on a wamp server, so it shouldn't be a problem. There must be some differences regarding configuration between the working and non-working site. We'd need a live url in order to make debug and find out which is the problem, but if the samples have issues as well we can think in any javascript error or conflict. Please try to enable/disable at the calculator preferences the swith 'import jquery' and let us know if you can see any change. Also you can try to see any error message at the browser (opening F12->tab console, and reloading the page), that could give us any clue.

Thanks, regards

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