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User mieprint 2018-11-03 07:31:16

I have to convert my website to wordpress to enable after pay on my website. Can calc builder be intergrated with wordpress.

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Edited by mieprint - 30.01.2021 08:55

Moonsoft support 2018-11-05 12:01:47

being a Joomla extension, the calcbuilder can't be used inside wordpress directly,sorry. However you would be able to show any calculator (Joomla hosted) inside wordpress, and in addition the extension IS able to send data to any external site, the problem is the destination site (woo commerce, or any other), surely won't allow that kind of action, they won't allow any external component to create products or alter prices from 'outside', it would be a great security problem otherwise.

Sorry if we state the obvious, there would be other different reasons for sure, but you say you migrate the site to wordpress in order to enable after pay? Why don't you install any afterpay payment extension to your current cart? Not sure if this already exists, we could even develop this payment plugin otherwise. It may be a better option than developing an equivalent 'calc builder' for wordpress/woo commerce, and then create your calculators again.

We look forward your comments, maybe with additional information we can provide a better approach.

Thanks, regards

User mieprint 2019-01-01 02:30:46

Thanks for the reply.

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Moonsoft support 2019-01-02 11:21:31

ok, that sounds like a good option. In fact the calculator and the afterpay are different plugins attached to different events, so they shouldn't have any kind of conflict and they should work together without problem.

Best regards

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