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Send email copy (CC) to and Send blind carbon copy (BCC) to when click 'send'

User moon_1763 2018-09-13 11:05:19


I would like to send copies of the mail to other email addresses when I click on 'send' on the site (not when I click on calculate), I fill in the fields in 'Email' but it only seems to copy from the mail to be send.

Fields: ('Send email copy (CC) to' and 'Send blind carbon copy (BCC) to')

Do you have an explanation and a solution?

I thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Moonsoft support 2018-09-14 09:49:12

they are 2 different functions, the automatic email function you configure with tab 'email' is launched on calculate. For that one you can specify many recipients and send extra copy to any address (also add emails to your mailchimp lists, etc).
On the other hand, the 'send email to' field that is shown after the result sends email only to the email address typed at that field. So this one doesn't work as you request, you would need to modify the send email function at the code in order to add manually fixed destinations to email functions

(at com_calcbuilder/models/calcbuilder.php function getEnvioWrapper)
build your calculator using 'inline results', that way the results will show at the input form section, and the button 'calculate' can be titled as 'send', so you will use the 'email' configuration tab adding all configuration needed. For this approach you only need to disable the 'send email to' field and add a new one 'email' at the input form instead.

Hope this helps, regards

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