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With Hika shop after adding to cart and doing new calculations, the cart changes as well

User veli 2017-07-10 16:19:57

I have a simple product just for testing, with width and height input, using your tutorial.
When I add to cart and then start modifying the width and height for a new product, the cart picks up the changed width and height.
Is there a setting that I missed?

Moonsoft support 2017-07-10 20:33:14

we assume you're using internal Hikashop custom fields in order to create the user form at the product page, right? Please ensure you have properly configured them as 'item' custom fields. In fact Hikashop is in charge of this function (adding new products to the cart with different options should create new order lines at the cart), calculator only handles the different price result for each line. So this must work this way regardeless if the CB plugin is enabled or not. If you can't see this working please share an url at your private helpdesk and we'll take a look to let you know how to solve.

Thanks, regards

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