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Option List and Section

User mehmethocam1 2017-04-04 00:30:46

I want to create the fields dynamically when making selections from the Option List.
Is it possible to do this? How can i?

sample site:
sample image:

Sorry, my English:(

Moonsoft support 2017-04-04 10:35:59

per your image seems you're trying to create a section, which is a form structure that the user can repeat several times. This kind of form is built-in in Calcbuilder, is called 'section', and you can check details on how to configure at this tutorial:

or at quick guide (from page 26 -sections)

and following this video tutorial:

You also have available an example working calculator you can import that you can download from your user dashboard.

Once you have your sections working you may want to hide the 'add' button and replace for a combobox asking for the number of sections you want to add, this could be done using javascript (for this approach you would need an average knowledge of js, to add an event to the combobox that 'clicks' the add button 'n' times according to its value)

Hope this helps,regards

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