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Generating Code for Calc Builder

User onncycle 2012-02-13 08:15:51

I love your product. The only problem is, that i have absolutey no knowledge in writing the calcbuilder codes. Is it possible to make the Calculation first in an Excel sheet and convertet it then into the right code automatically. For example with a converterprogramm ? I would like to build at least 15 Calcbuilders for alle kind of bicycle calculations.

Thank you very much.



Moonsoft support 2012-02-13 11:50:01


We suggest to start from a template, you can get working calculators ready to import and you can see that is, for not complicated functions, easy to write code. Also you can check a basic PHP manual and the quick guide.
We send you an email with all examples available. You should start with First steps: Adding two numbers, you will see how the code is very similar to an excel formula, but instead of writting at your cell


you write the name of the input field(s):


adding ; at the end of each calculation.

If you want us to code it, we also have a calculator custom service (, for which we can build your calculator and send it ready to import.

Best regards

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