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calc builder can store fields in a database as chronoforms can do?

User emiliomondella 2016-05-12 20:12:23

Hi , i'm very new of this product ,
i bought both module calc builder and list manager for do a web app for a custumer ,
i would know if is possible save in a database table all the field and te results of a calculation and then manage them with list manager ,

Moonsoft support 2016-05-13 11:11:47

Yes, Calcbuilder is able to store data at the database (it does this function already by default storing calculation lauches at the 'calcbuilder_stats' table). But in order to publish information with list manager, you would need to store the needed fields at the internal list manager tables, so you will need to add the db insertion at the 'code' tab of the calculator. The steps:

- Create a new list manager table adding all needed fields (inputs and outputs of the calculator)
- Get the IDs of all your fields at listmanager fields configuration
- Go to calcbuilder code and add the querys needed to insert at 'listmanager_values' table, each value related to the listmanager id field.
- Publish your list manager table in order to handle data from back or front-end.

Please note we have a custom calculator service, in case you are not familiar with the code needed you can ask us to configure the calculator for you and send it ready to publish. If you're interested in getting a quote you can send all specs to our contact email below and we'll get back to you with a quote and delivery time.


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