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User CotswoldD 2016-01-10 21:03:04

Hi Guys

Just added this calculator, maths is not my strong point but this calculator looks perfect for this calculation and intergrates lovely into this site i am developing.

I need the code for this and in a 2 step process

1.Enters Postcode
2.User enters rateable value £

Result would be rateable value Multiplied by 15%

Calulation is the saving =(postcode is purely for the email so we know where they are from)

Cheers Pete

Edited by CotswoldD - 10.01.2016 21:08

Moonsoft support 2016-01-11 09:28:16

in order to create a result you only need to follow these conventions:

- Result at the left side
- Add a $ sign to the name of every variable
- End each calculation line with a ;

So, if you want to add a 15% to a field called 'value':


Now you can print ##result## at your output section.

Creating a calculator with several steps (with a next button to advance, etc) is a more complex function, and it needs some js knowledge. Here we suggest you to download the working example 'several steps calculator' that you can find at your customer area so you can use it as a template for creating your own.

Hope this helps, regards

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