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User moon_1645 2015-12-17 13:18:43

I have an Excel calculator that runs over 8 pages in sheet 0 and 2 pages in sheet 1. Both sheets are named and sheet 0 is both input and output while sheet 1 feeds certain constant values to sheet 0 and does calculations that feeds back to sheet 0.
Any suggestions on how I should start this off? There are quite a lot of specialized calculations involved and most of it is inter dependent.


Moonsoft support 2015-12-17 19:52:50

in order to configure the excel mapping for your calculation you only will need to take into account which are the inputs, that will be attached to the fields of your form, and the outputs, that you can print at the output section, you don't need to worry about internal calculations made by the excel, so, the steps would be:

- Create the fields (inputs) of your form at calcbuilder
- At the 'spreadsheet' option upload your excel sheet and map each field of your form to one cell of the sheet (of sheet 0 for your case).
- Now add to the 'ouput' mapping each output cell of your spreadsheet to one variable (you can name each one as you want)
- Print the output variables at the output section of your calculator.

We have a video at the demo section of the extension that shows how to create a calculator from an excel sheet, we suggest to check it first:

(Build a calculator from excel)

and let us know if you have any problem with any of the steps.

Thanks, regards


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