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Hide unused fields in emails

User theadgroup 2015-09-08 07:18:13


I'm working on an online shopping form for a butcher that sells his products in decimal quantities (such as 1.5kg or 2.65kg of meat).

I've set up the form using the Inline results example and added more onto it. So far they have over 90 products and when an order is placed, we are sent an email listing every product on the form regardless of what was ordered.

Is there a way to stop any items that weren't ordered from been placed on the email?

The only other way of doing this would be to set the whole thing up in HikaShop but then we won't be able to use decimal values when entering in the quantity that you want to order.

Is there a way that HikaShop can accept quantities that contain a decimal point?

Moonsoft support 2015-09-08 10:48:16

We don't think hikashop or other cart will accept decimal qtys,because they have to link afterwards with payment platforms that don't use to allow that. But this would be a question for hika support instead,if there is a way to configure the cart in order to accept decimal qty,you will be able to send it from calcbuilder.

Regarding your other question,if you configure your email to include the whole input and/or the output form then all cobtent will be included,the system can't know if you need to exclude some section according to certain input. You can achieve this using styles or the coding section,so you include at your email only information needed. The easiest way to get this will depend on the structure of your form. If you export your calculator and attach it to a private ticket at helpdesk,we'll take a look and let you know some code tips to generate that type of email.


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