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change position button delete add record in section

User bsnline 2015-07-06 10:59:17

"button delete" and "button add record" in the section, for change position layout from fixed to customized , how should I proceed ?
Thank you

Moonsoft support 2015-07-06 12:48:12

button 'add' of the section is inside a div with class btn-group
and repeated sections (together with 'del' button for each one) are inside divs with id=sec_ext_xxx being xxx the id of the section. This can help you to add some styles, but in order to modify the layout position of the elements of the module you must customize the source code of the extension. We follow joomla mvc, so you will find front-end layout at JOOMLA\modules\mod_calcbuilder\tmpl\user.php

Relevant code which creates sections starts about line 540. We suggest to use layout override instead of modifying the original source code. Here official information about this :

Component Output Types and Layout Overrides
Module Layout Overrides

Hope this helps, regards


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