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User britepencil 2015-04-16 20:30:26

How do I add a date-time picker to a CB Cal so user can select a date and time
result can be sent as pdf via email

step 1 would be select services
step 2 view items and results plus select date and time
step 3 send

need to know exactly how to set it up and ASAP


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Moonsoft support 2015-04-17 10:06:39

there is a field type 'date' that you can use to show a calendar selector. Remember to configure at the settings your preferred date-format before publishing for front-end. For the time, you can use a text field and select at 'input mask', the predefined 'time' mask, that will force users to type time values at that field.

These fields are used as any other field, you can include them at your output, or insert it at the pdf layout to download. In case you need to create on-fly a pdf with the results and attach it to your customer email, you will need to add this function to your calculator. You can check the example calculator
'send email with pdf' that is ready to download from your customer area to find out the code needed.

Hope this helps, regards

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