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Multiple tabs Part 2

User britepencil 2015-04-11 17:39:45

I really need help here I found a responsive tab on jQuery it does exactly what I need the problem am having is understand how to use the responsive tab plugin with Calcbulider

here is the list of contents of the demo plugin

CSS folder:

js folder:

additional files


is it a mater of replacing files or what do I need to do please explain the steps

Moonsoft support 2015-04-13 09:09:54

integration of external libraries or plugins is far beyond the support of this extension, sorry. We can tell you in case you want to add any external script you can use the javascript tabs, where you can add the required code. Calcbuilder allows to insert code directly at the page(second tab), and also add code to the onload event (first tab). Maybe that library devs can guide you on which files are you supposed to load and which is the code needed to initialize the tabs, which we can't know from here.

Please note most sure you will need an average knowledge of javascript in order to override libraries, load without conflicts and initialize properly that plugin. In case you are not familiar with code, we suggest to use the default tabs of the query library instead, which are already included and you can find a detailed explanation on how to add to your calculator at the quick guide.

Hope this helps, regards

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