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User britepencil 2015-04-01 13:26:57

I reviewed this thread but the CalcBuilder user guide does not say how or were to add the code to create tabs with the Calculator

Please solution please not some link to code I will not understand

Moonsoft support 2015-04-01 15:47:16

both the quick guide and the jquery official page should be self-explanatory, there are only two parts, the html, and one line of script. The html goes at the 'form layout' of the calculator, and the line of script at the javascript section, the first tab, as it explains the quick guide. We suggest to use the example of the quick guide to show a simple tabbed form, and once you have it working, change the static content (tab titles and tab contents), with the content or form fields needed for your case.

Hope this helps, regards

User britepencil 2015-04-11 17:44:27

I tried following an I do not understand what code goes where it is too confusing II AM NOT A CODER! and no the documentation doe snot explain how to were to but the code all it says use this but now how to do it step by step for people like me

Moonsoft support 2015-04-13 09:19:39

Sorry but we have already answered to you this question several times now. We have explained in detail the steps and you stated you already solved this question (please check your ticket #781 at your helpdesk). We even saw your site with the tabs working, so please don't duplicate threads at the forum with the same subjects you have solved at your helpdesk. Whenever possible, use the forum so our responses can help others, and use the private system in case you need to share links or any private data.

Thanks, regards

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