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loadmodule in result and pop-up jce

User alexanderich 2015-03-09 01:30:24


I need to get out in the form results in some cases my form richiest contact. Normally I use load module function. I tried to load a form of RSForm or formcontact but if you are loaded into "exit layout" form result not work. I believe there is a conflict. also happens to me with a link with jce media pop-up. I use an editor function to release an article in the pop-up after pressing a link but it opens the link in a new page.
Clearly the same code in another part of the site works perfectly.

how do I fix?

thank you

Moonsoft support 2015-03-09 08:56:48

you can't load modules inside a dynamic content as the calcbuilder result, joomla executes loadmodule function only when the page loads, not for the ajax results recovered afterwards. We'd suggest to load the module required at the same article below calcbuilder and use javascript to show/hide it as needed.
For integrating third party modules or functions inside the result, you should contact those extensions support instead, asking how to get the right html that you could print at the result as any other calculation result, or the javascript that you can add at 'executed after calculate' to show/launch the functions.

Hope this helps, regards

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