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import from xlsx file?

User moon_1904 2014-12-11 22:06:16

is it possible to import a calculator from an xlsx file? Even if I export it from microsoft to something else?

Moonsoft support 2014-12-12 08:55:59


we've been studying if such a thing could be possible, so we'll amend our comment below and will anounce that importing from an xls, xlsx, or odt file WILL BE ADDED as a new feature for calcbuilder (PRO) version 3.0 that will be released on the next days.
Calcbuilder for Shopping Cart will be renamed as Calcbuilder PRO and will include this new excel bridge together with the shopping cart functions and plugins it contains already.

The approach: you will add your input fields, upload the excel file, and map inputs/ouputs with the excel cells. No need to write php or javascript to configure calculations anymore!

We'll keep you all updated at the forums and joomla extensions site.

Happy holidays!

// below info only valid for versions 2.x
there is no such a function to import xlsx automatically, sorry. You should create your calculator from the calcbuilder backend, because you need to specify which are the input fields, their types, etc. Then you have to fill the input layout and the export layout using html. The formulas for the calculations are very similar than the excel ones, you can use same operators at the code section, only preceding any variable you want to use with the $ sign.
If you have additional tables with values at your excel file, then you can export to csv that section and import to create a calcbuilder matrix.

Please note we have a custom calculator service for which we convert the excel calculator into a calcbuilder one, ready to import and publish. If you are interested, you only have to attach the xlsx file to our email or at a helpdesk ticket and we'll give you a quote and delivery time.

Hope this helps, regards

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Moonsoft support 2015-01-02 16:32:46

we can proudly announce that the new Calcbuilder extended with excel mapping functions is now available! Building a calculator now is only a matter of mapping the form fields with the excel cells. Even the output section or the output to file can be built automatically from a sheet of the file.



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