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Duplicate goods, if not found a similar name

User moon_1813 2014-09-25 10:59:25

In Virtuemart options, "Type Calcbuilder-Virtuemart mapping": Duplicate VM Product creating a new one.
CalcBuilder generates a new goods in Virtuemart on the mask specified in the "code".
Thus, the site administrator can, if they wish, assign a different name for each new product generated by the various parameters in the code.
In such a case would be much better to the calculator by default not create new goods, if such name already exists in the database.
Otherwise, Database in a month will be exactly the same a hundred items, including SKU and name.

Moonsoft support 2014-09-25 12:20:47

thanks for your feedback. The problem when reusing products from the database is that you are not able to use different instances for different customers anymore. If one customer purchased product 1, with a description sku and price, and then you reuse for another customer because the resulting product name is equal or similar, you can't change any other product attribute like the price, because the original product that the customer 1 can check from his order will show new data for customer 2, that's why when 'duplicate' option is selected, a new product is always created.

Thanks, regards

User moon_1813 2014-09-26 01:35:55

You have to agree that it should be possible not to generate items is identical to the existing database (including when the same and the price).
Currently this is not possible.
Each seller (the site administrator) have options when all parameters of the goods are the same. In this case, the price will also be the same.
But if there is a parameter on which the price should change, the administrator can use the name of the parameter to change the description (name), a product (or use other features to separate). Thus the administrator will be able to identify the goods in the future.

Moonsoft support 2014-09-26 09:37:08

in order to keep a set of products which already contain all combination of parameters you have the option of selecting 'use existing products' at virtuemart tab, and then decide at the code which will be the product added to the cart setting its quantity higher than 0.
Decide programatically if a new product is similar/equal to other existing at VM is not easy, because of the big structure of VM database tables and because they change often the structure, functions and fields among versions, so we try to keep the integration code at the minimum lines to avoid conflicts.

Thanks, regards

User moon_1813 2014-09-28 02:40:00

The fact that the price of my goods depends on the amount (circulation).
For example, the circulation of flags 100 * 150cm, the number 1 piece = 100 euros, and the flag 100 * 150cm, 2 pieces = 170 euros.
Therefore, in my case in the basket must be disconnected change in the quantity and description of goods includes circulation.
Or, in the ideal case, the change in the number in the basket should again cause recalculation according to the formula specified in the "code" for conversion.
Let us know if this is possible.

Moonsoft support 2014-09-29 16:29:06

the calculator works before and from 'outside' the checkout, so you can't link the calculator to the cart checkout quantity field. If the quantity of your product affects the price, you should ask and set the quantity at the calculator step, and then prevent users from changing quantities afterwards. Not sure if virtuemart has an option to disable this option at the checkout, or you will need to adjust any style to disable that option for your calculated products.


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