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The archive 2.2.8 file of plugin is missing

User moon_1813 2014-09-25 08:28:53

The archive does not contain file of plugin

Moonsoft support 2014-09-25 10:07:06


There was a problem uploading version, please download it again. You'll find VM plugin.

Sorry for inconveniences. Regards,

User moon_1813 2014-09-26 05:40:53

downloaded and installed again.
option "Calculator inside VirtueMart Product" does not work.
pop-up frame, no html fields with type "input".
just text marked "div"

previous version ( worked.

Moonsoft support 2014-09-26 09:28:29

the plugin has not changed since the last version. Can you please confirm your joomla and virtuemart version in order we can try to reproduce here?

Thanks, regards

User moon_1813 2014-09-28 02:27:46

Joomla! 2.5.25 + VirtueMart 2.6.10

Moonsoft support 2014-09-29 10:39:55


We managed to reproduce here. Please download again and install version 2.2.8.


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