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Styling layout

User moon_1646 2014-08-17 01:34:36

please if any one can help me
just want to know how can i change completly style of layout

other change
for radio button, if i click on one of them i can show an image

thank you

Moonsoft support 2014-08-17 11:20:37


You could change form and exit layout in HTML editor in backend to change completly the layout.

To show certain image when radiobutton is clicked, you may need to add javascript code in javascript events tab to add events to radiobuttons. In order to use javascript selectors, please note that all radiobuttons in same group has the same fldname property, with the name of the variable. Also, each radiobutton value is set in mv_option attribute.

If you want, we have a Custom Calculator Service, send us an email to with all your requirements (style and functionality) and we'll send you a quote.

Hope this helps. Regards,

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