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Copy of email with email of original recipient

User moon_1741 2014-07-29 23:15:33

Hello, I am sorry I have to open new thread with similar problem like many others but nothing helped.

I want to recieve copy of result to my email but with email of original recipient. I tried to recieve copy of email thi sway:

search for the line
and you can add more lines to add same email to several addresses:

But than my calculations did not work at all.
Now I can recieve a copy of result by filling "Send form results to" in preferences menu but there is no information about sender.

Thank you

Moonsoft support 2014-07-30 09:45:25

sorry but we are not sure of which is the information missing at your email. If you already have a 'customer email' field at your input form, you can send an email with all information of the form to him and also get a copy yourself, with latest versions the edition of the code is not necessary as we have included more options at the 'send form results to' parameter:

If you need to receive at your email inputs provided by user, go to 'print preferences' tab and switch the 'include form input' parameter to 'Yes'.
You can customize email contents at this same tab, including free content, and/or input/output fields using same sintax than for input form ##field##.

If you need your customer to receive a copy of the email, select the field you use to ask for user email at 'send form results to'. Then you can also type your own email to receive additional copy.

Hope this covers the function you need, please contact again if you need more details.

Thanks, regards

User moon_1741 2014-07-30 10:36:48

The thing is that I made price estimating calculation. I want to public acces with no registration, only to provide an email. I figure out to send calculation on email button. Thats the way how to provide an email and get result only to email address by unregisteres user.

Now I will recieve email every time somebody push calculate button, but this email does not contains any info about customer(need just his email).

I would like to recieve a copy of caltulations he made and also email of that customer (that one he puttet to field nex to button ) to know some info about him.

And I want only one field to put email address.

Thank you.

Moonsoft support 2014-07-30 11:33:34

ok, thanks for the explanation. You have two options here:

Add a new field, typed text, to your input form, for your unregistered users to type the email before clicking calculate button. Configure the print preferences to include input and output section, and 'send form results to' with your email and/or the user email field. You can disable the 'Show send by email?' parameter at preferences to disable the email field displayed below result. With this method you will receive an email with calculator data together with your user email each time calculator is launched.

Or, keep the show send by email? set to YES, and add your address to the copy, as you saw the code is:


if you place it at the right place with no sintax errors, this line shouldn't affect to your calculations, the result would be:


With this method you would receive an email only if user clicks the 'next' button, after output is displayed, and his email would be shown as destination at your email copy.

Hope this helps, regards

User moon_1741 2014-07-30 12:14:17

Second option worked for me. Thank you!

I have another question I tried to edit en-GB.mod_calcbuilder.ini with purpose of changing text on "Add" button. It didnt work and now when I send email with result empty confirmation table shows up.
Could you help me with this?

Moonsoft support 2014-07-30 12:20:45

when working with ini joomla language files remember to save always as UTF-8. We suggest to remove any character or symbol that could be breaking the file format until you can point out which change could be causing your issue.


User moon_1741 2014-07-31 11:43:24

Yes I saved it in UTF-8 but nothing changed. Add button is still Add and confirmation table when sending email is still empty.
Any suggestions?


Moonsoft support 2014-07-31 17:18:44

please note the CB_ADD text is present both at the language file for component and for module, double check you are editing the right .ini file. About the blank message, we suggest to check if any style (maybe inherited from your template) could be causing it to be hidden or invisible, like white text over white background. If you are not sure how to confirm this, place a ticket at the helpdesk and share your url, we'll take a look at the styles applied.


User moon_1741 2014-08-08 08:53:16

Thank you for giving me your time.

I found the right ini file for buttons. But it is the english file. How can I set calcbuilder to use slovak ini file?

It is for windows offer price estimation. Button "vypocitaj" is calculate.
The "email was sent" table still shows no text.

Thank you.

Edited by moon_1741 - 08.08.2014 08:55

Edited by moon_1741 - 08.08.2014 12:16

Moonsoft support 2014-08-08 09:52:17


You should get the calcbuilder english language files and copy to your language folder(slovak) and also change the prefix of the files, en-GB, with the one for slovak language, maybe sk-SK.
Then, inside file, you could do all translations you need.

About "email was sent" table, we couldn see anything as site need user/password. You should add a ticket in Helpdesk (private) if you want to send us credentials of site and weĺl take a look.


User moon_1741 2014-08-08 12:41:24

Sorry, now it is accesible. I also put a ticket with link, it is in englisht now. All other troubles I had are solved now. Thank you!

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