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Exit Layout & Preferences

User moon_1482 2014-03-01 22:31:50


I created a calculator and all was working great. I used it on a menu page. Once I wanted to test it on a module on a selected area of another web page, started some issues...

Currently I am not able to view the Exit Layout text and variables value on the calculator and I am not able to view the Send by e-mail box, Excel button and PDF button, although all of them are set to Green - YES.

Again, everything was working nicely and I was in the stage of finishing the fonts design on the calculator and would be finished.

PLEASE assist.

Thank you!

Moonsoft support 2014-03-03 10:07:23


Seems to be a javascript error. You could check it in Javascript console (F12 in your browser). If you write your url here or in Helpdesk in Customer Area (private) we´ll take as look.


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