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Link to Hikashop cart détails

User moon_1480 2014-02-23 17:57:13


I try différents tests to add input field in hikashop cart.

I'm very surprise to see the "add cart button" create a product in database. They don't call a existing product and add a caracteristic. And, in that way the product have no taxe...

Can we use another variables of hikashop in the code section ?


Moonsoft support 2014-02-24 11:54:13

yes, everytime user adds to the cart, the base product is used as template, in order to change description and/or the price, previous customer product will be overwritten otherwise and they would lose their purchased product details. You should configure the tax not at product level, but for a category of products (or for everyone) at hikashop taxes configuration in order it will be applied for the products at the cart.

Not sure of which variables of hikashop do you need for your calculations, you have always the possibility to query hikashop (or any other extension) database to get values needed.

Hope this helps, regards

User moon_1480 2014-02-28 12:31:41


I'm not sure to undestand. Sorry for my bad english.

Everytime a customer add to cart, everytime a new product is created ?

In Hikashop, the only way to add a taxe is in file product !
And, if the variable of Calbuilder is none in relation to one variable of Hikashop product I don't know why your extension exist ?

Before I buy it, I thought the $hk_product_code='COD'; was in relation to the existing product...


Moonsoft support 2014-02-28 18:01:11

yes, products can not be shared among users, because prices and maybe description may be different from one calculator execution to the next one, this is the main intention of using calcbuilder, if both of them were fixed, a default hika shop static product would be enough for your checkout. If we kept the same product and changed the price, the previous user would loose its product detail, which is linked to their order, mails, etc.

About the taxes, we are not specialist with hika shop support, but we think they can be configured to apply for all products, or to all products on a category, this is managed at system->taxes option of your hikashop backend, so they don't need to be set for every product.

We also found this page with official information in case it may be of help:



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