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YES/NO (checkBOX) - VALUE number

User moon_1309 2013-12-04 21:39:58


My calculator consists of sets "multiple->YES/NO".
payment must occur by summing the checkboxes (YES/NO) field

But the FIELD, (YES/NO - type), has no option where you can enter a value.

How can I set the "number" of the "field"?
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Moonsoft support 2013-12-05 09:39:04

checkboxes have value "Y" when selected, that you can use to confirm if user checked or not the option, but you can give them a numeric value at the code, you don't need to overwritte the default value of the check. Here a couple of examples:

Field: check0- typed YES/NO
Field: check1- typed YES/NO

//at the code, we'll create values for each check, but we give them different name:


//if you want to calculate the sum of the two options, regardeless of whether are selected or not:


//and now, if you want to sum ONLY the selected values:


//if check0 is selected, add its value to result


//if check1 is selected, add its value to result


//you will get at $result the sum of the options

Hope this helps, regards

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