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User moon_1275 2013-10-09 12:25:19

Hi I just bought Calc builder and LOVE IT,

I have a form that lets the user enter their email address to send the results (so it isn't a field i set up) i also have the result set to send me an email every time someone presses calculate.

my problem is if i ask the user to enter their email address to get the price they wont do it, so what i want to do is get the form results and capture the email address the person enters to get the results sent to them by email. Is there a hack i can do to include their email address in the email it sends me.

I hope this makes sense


Moonsoft support 2013-10-09 13:35:58

thank you very much for your feedback. We think the best option for your case would be to 'move' results inside your input form, so you can create an email field and include it at the option 'send form results to' in order to create an email for you and the user, but allowing the user to get the results before introducing any email. The steps:

- create 'inline results' fields for each of your actual results, and include them inside the input form, below your form.
- Create a new field 'user email' and place it at the input form, below the new inline result section.

- Change the label 'calculate' of the button for 'Send email'.

- Include your new field 'user email' at 'send form results to' parameter.
- Disable the default email field, and change your output form for a thank you message or email sent message.

Hope this is what you were looking for, let us know if you will need another approach.

Best regards

User moon_1275 2013-10-10 10:20:13

Hi And thanks for your reply

I understand your concept but cannot get it to work so i have made it very simple to try to work out but it still isnt working so here is what i have done

1. made a field called roll type = number
2 made a filed called roll result type = inline result

code is $sum=$roll*10;

imput form layout has ##roll##
exit layout has ##roll##
if i turn off the calculate button when i enter 10 in the roll field and tab out of the field it shows me the answer of 100 (correct)

i cannot work out how to make ##roll## as a number field show ##roll## answers on the same page (imput page)

To me there seems to be no way to link the roll field with the roll result field
how is this done as it seems to be missing from the manual which i have read
can you see what i am missing :)

Moonsoft support 2013-10-10 13:50:31

maybe you have misspelled any of the variables? Here all the steps to build your example:

1. Fields

Variable name: roll , type=number
Variable name: rollresult , type=inline result
Variable name: usermail , type=text

(avoid spaces or symbols at variable names)

2. Code


3. Form layout

Type input: ##roll##

Result is: ##rollresult##

Your email please: ##useremail##

4. Output layout

Thank you for using the calculator, the result is ##rollresult## An email will be sent to you with all information.

5. Configuration

You don't need to hide calculate button, just change the label to 'send email', and select at 'send form results to', your email, and the field 'useremail'.

Now you can configure the email content at print preferences, you will like to add the input form at the email to show both input and inline results, or any other information needed.

Please let us know how its going.

Best regards

User moon_1275 2013-10-10 14:55:18

Hi And thank you so much for your help i have it working perfectly as you described. I do have 1 thing i wanted to ask relating to this

1. when it sends the email to the user they can see that it has also been sent to me could you point me to the code where i could change it to be BCC instead of the TO field i wanted to avoid the user knowing it is also emailing me the result.

2. FYI i just wanted to let you know that if you use JCK editor in the print preferences tab when you press save the editor then deletes everything typed in. This is only a problem with JCK editor. If i turn it back to tinymce it works fine. This only applies to the print preferences tab all other areas work fine with JCK editor


Moonsoft support 2013-10-10 15:34:44

Great it worked, we'll take a look at jck issue, maybe there is something that can be configured to avoid stripping the code. About the email, it's always sent using 'to', maybe you can tweak the code to hardcode a bcc, the email is sent at the function


that you will find at this path :


Hope this helps, regards

User moon_1275 2013-10-11 13:04:45

Hi and thanks for all your help all is now working fine but i did notice one last thing which i'm wondering if i can tweak.

as per your instructions above i have it so the inline results are working fine but because the email field is at the bottom on my long form when the user enters their email address and presses send email (the calculate button) it then recalculates the form then doesnt send the email until the button is pressed a second time.

I know this isnt a fault as i can see why it is doing it but i wondered if you had any ideas regarding how to get around this issue


Moonsoft support 2013-10-11 19:40:01

we have tested locally and we can see when clicking the calculate button from the last field of the form, it launches the inline calculation, but also launches the calculate and shows the final result below.
There must be something working at your page capturing the first click, we'd suggest to switch for a while to the default template in order to check if it's including any conflicting script or disable any plugin that could be causing this.

If you can't get it to work, please share your url at the helpdesk and we'll take a look.

Best regards


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