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User anonymous 2011-10-21 14:25:16

I have just bought your CALC BUILDER, it's exactly what i need for the
website i'm creating.
I have one question for you about *linked list*.

My necessity is to get, in the front-end, unnecessary fields hidden
during the form filling.

For example, I have the following option linked lists (B and C both
linked to A):

*Choice A**:* *Animal* *or** Vegetable*
*Choice B*: *Animal_Cat* *or* *Animal_Dog*
*Choice C*: *Vegetable_Tomato* *or **Vegetable_Apple*

Depending on my choice on A, B and C will be populated or empty. *I
don't want the user to see both B and C field, before choosing A*.

Is it possible to get the field visible (in the front end) only if it is

Moonsoft support 2011-10-21 14:25:40


In linked list, if you type as options for Choice B "Animal_Cat" or
"Animal_Dog" or "Vegetable_Tomato" or "Vegetable_Apple", when you select in
Choice A Animal, "Vegetable_Tomato" and "Vegetable_Apple" dissapear from Choice B. Maybe this could be a good solution.

If you want exactly hidden selects fields (whole line dissapearing from
view), this could be done using javascript in
public-html/modules/mod_calcbuilder/tmpl/default.php . It would require
some coding, though.

Also, if you want we have a custom code service. You can send us your
requirements and we will send you a budget with no obligation.

Hope this helps.

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