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import to PDF file

User moon_912 2013-02-12 17:35:58

also we met a problem with data import to PDF file.
we put ON Show export to PDF, we get the PDF button, but the PDF file itself comes empty. so the problem is - how can we edit the PDF file, also the PDF file preferences(put in logo, company information etc) and make all the chosen preferences in calculator shown in PDF. also how to rename PDF file button.

2. question is based on CSV file import to CalcBUilder. we do have excel approx 40x50 matrix, we will make CSV from it, but it comes too difficult to import the data to CalcBuilder, cause we've installed your program only last week.

Looking forward to your answers

Moonsoft support 2013-02-12 18:03:58

about pdf contents, you must enable the button, and also select if you want to include the input and/or the output form. You will find these options at 'print preferences' tab. Also you can add free contents using the 'HTML before calc results' and 'HTML before after results' sections.

You can try to include a simple text first in order to find out if the pdf is rendering properly on your site.

The pdf button has an style class:


You can modify the look of the button using the css, if you're using default bootstrap view, you will find it here:


In order to load a matrix, create a new matrix, and paste your csv inside the section 'Paste your CSV File'. It will create automatically the matrix you can use at your code. Assuming you call it 'mymatrix' you can access its elements using this sintax:


Hope this helps, regards


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